Primrose Hill, North London

  • House extension lowered floors and removed walls in the basement to create an extraordinary living space
  • Double height conservatory, lower level
  • Double height conservatory, upper level: balcony on left, living wall on right
  • House extension exterior view
  • Skylight illuminating basement
  • Contemporary staircase in profile...
  • ...Classic rich oak staircase when viewed full on
  • Indoor balcony
  • Skylight detail

A house extension for a typical London terraced house in Primrose Hill, North London, offered the chance to create an extraordinary living space. Lowering the basement floor level and removing all walls created a light and open living space. A double height conservatory, complete with living wall completed the transformation. The cantilevered glass box doubles as a window and seat, allowing you to sit in the garden on even the most rainy day.

House development Highgate: view of excavated garden from rebuilt kitchen

House extension lowered basement floors and removed walls to create an extraordinary living space