City of London

  • Glass extension brings natural light into the home
  • Basement kitchen, partially lit by natural light from glass floor above (not in photo)
  • Glazed roof maximizing natural light
  • Light flooding basement through  glass floor above
  • Glass walls round the staircase open up the space
  • Glass roof
  • Contemporary bathroom
  • Built in cupboards
  • An imposing facade

Behind an imposing facade, this property was single aspect with a basement lit only by pavement lights. The challenge was to bring in natural light to create useable living accommodation throughout. This was achieved with a small glazed extension in the rear light well, with a transparent glass floor to allow light to flood into the kitchen below. The house was opened up with full height fire glass walls either side of the staircase to create a visually single space.

Natural light home

Glass extension brings natural light into the home